Quantum Mechanics for programmers

A quick demo showing how to make simulations of simple quantum mechanics systems in javascript.

Saturn's rings

A simulation of saturn's rings.

Mars Lander

An interactive simulation of a mars lander trying to land on Mars. The term "interactive" here means that you have to write the software, in javascript, that will land the probe.


A simple demo of a simulation of an atmosphere. It looks quite cool, but there's not a lot you can do with it yet, and the physics isn't yet all that accurate.

Chernobyl Simulation

An attempt to simulate the normal running, and then accident of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

Quantum Mechanics

A no-nonsense description of quantum mechanics with no maths or philosophy. The concepts are explained with animations, which are mainly computer simulations of electrons.

The double slit and observers

A look at the double slit experiment. The first half is meant to be a clear explanation, using simulations. The second half discusses some of the philosophy / interpretations of quantum mecahnics.

Generating Plant-like Structures Using Neural Networks

Monogame Shaders

Quantum Monte Carlo

This is a series of articles where I try to use quantum monte carlo to get ground state energies of simple molecules.

Simulation of flooding in new orleans

A not-very-accurate simulation of the flooding in new orleans.



My latest (early 2018) thing is just a "normal" game: no real physics. Nothing clever. It's just a game.

Experimental Flying Game

Fly around in a plane. Slight physics, but mainly just playing with websockets. If you can get a friend to play at the same time, you should be able to shoot it down.

Other things

German Gender and Case Game

How big should my spaceship be?

Script to make house.ply



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