First year maths for Physics and Engineering

Here is a simple application to generate simple exams on demand.
At the moment there are only 6 question types but the differentiation questions can test quite a lot of different functions --- the function to differentiate is random.

Generate a new exam (Calculus), with and without answers: New Exam
Generate a new exam (Arithmetic), with and without answers: New Exam
Generate a new exam (Ratios and Logs), with and without answers: New Exam

But Why?

If I had time, which unfortunately I don't, I'd like to automate making and marking a certain set of exams. Exams can be a useful aid to teaching and learning, at least for some students, as well as a way for people to assess the knowledge/experience of themselves and others.
Unfortunately there are universities across the world where creating maths exams and marking accurately is difficult, either because the skills needed to make them aren't present, or because those who can simply don't have time.
So creating exams for people to use in universities, for home study, for revision, or for whatever, might be helpful to at least some people.

So is this project finished?

No! This is just a system to generate an exam and a simple answer sheet. It also only has six question types. Ideally, I'd build this out to have far more question types, and also allow students to have their answers marked by this system.

I think this is a bad idea because...

I think automating exams isn't quite the real thing, because the variation of question is less, and it's not easy to put the exam question into a real-life scenario, instead focussing on resolving a problem already converted into maths and given a clear notation.
But ... it's still an exam, and it still has some utility, at least I hope.

There's no such thing as a general "maths exam". What sort of maths is this?

Good point! This is the level of maths that is taught in a first course at an average university. Obviously some courses will be more advanced than this, and some will be less advanced than this.
In the future, when there are more question types, I want people to be able to select a syllabus. But alas, not yet.
I think these problems are mostly quite easy for a first year maths course, but it depends on what you've already been taught.

Who might be interested?


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